Sella and Mosca and Antonio Marras

Sella & Mosca e Antonio Marras


Sella & Mosca invites Antonio Marras to design the labels of four new wines that come from the most representative grape varieties for the company. The designer not only created the illustrations of the four new wines, but built a strong story around them that speaks of authentic bonds, values and territory.

Antonio Marras was born in Alghero, Sardinia, a land that deeply marks his stylistic code with a double soul: the cultural one – the designer has always been interested in every form of artistic-creative expression – and the more “technical” one, developed on the basis of knowledge deep in materials and shapes. Key elements of his style are: Sardinia as a cue of inspiration, great attention to craftsmanship, the “ligazzio rubio” (in Sardinian, the “red tie”) a trademark of his creations. “With Sella & Mosca we share the love for Alghero. We have in common the scents of myrtle and helichrysum, the ambat, the mistral, the sea, the dark colors of the olive groves and the redness of the vineyards. “

The night of San Giovanni, between 23 and 24 June, is perhaps the most incredible night of the year. Celebrated for hundreds of years with rites and customs, it is a sacred night, which decides the destinies of the entire calendar year, full of magic and omens. On the beach, high and redundant fires are lit among thousands of people who, enchanted, play and celebrate. In the magical midsummer night, when the sun is at its peak, prodigious things can happen in the world and anyone who skips over the fires holding hands becomes a companion. Oscarì, Catore, the Ambat Brothers and Mustazzo meet on the beach, each with his own path, each different, discusses, confesses and tells his own story, what he has been and what will become. Each has its own characteristic, its character, its typicality, who is tender, who is cheerful, who is dark, who is light, all united by a red tie. Under the starry sky of Alghero and on the land of vineyards and olive trees, a friendship is bonded, after the jump on the fire, a bond of four characters so close, so far away, that for a lifetime they will be friends, more than brothers.

Have a good tasting!