Traditional backpack “Sa Tasca” (Shepherd’s backpack)

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Traditional backpack of eternal duration, faithfully reproduced on the basis of ancient specimens, made entirely by hand in calfskin, a tribute to the uses and customs of the Sardinian tradition, in their popular meaning. Today it is considered a fashion accessory sought after by a large number of fans.

“Sa pocket” or “Taschedda” depending on the size: double shoulder bag that shepherds carried with them containing their food.

N.B. Contact Us to customize your creation, our artisans also work on commission according to the needs of customers, even the most particular ones, we will be able to advise you and together we will create your unique piece, a small part of Sardinia conceived and made for you.


Approximate dimensions 22×28 cm, 33×37 cm, 37×45 cm

(Being objects made entirely by hand, the result of the craftsman’s creativity, there may be minimal variations in size and color tones)



22×28 cm, 33×37 cm, 37×45 cm