“Thrill in the manner of Yuri Dojc”


Work depicting a female nude, a work that pays tribute to the Slovak-Canadian photographer Yuri Dojc, curious observer and great reporter in the world of photography.
Made entirely by hand with wood carving and inlay technique on a white panel. Woods used: Arbutus, Apple and Juniper. Cesare Cabiddu does not use paints or dyes, leaving the wood to “live”, with the natural scents and colors that make each piece wisely chosen and shaped under his hands unmistakable. Authentic artist’s signature, unique piece.

N.B. Contact Us to customize your creation, our artisans also work on commission according to the needs of customers, even the most particular ones, we will be able to advise you and together we will create your unique piece, a small part of Sardinia conceived and made for you.

  • Approximate dimensions: height 45 cm, width 28 cm, thickness 5 cm.
    (Being objects made entirely by hand, the result of the creativity of the craftsman, there may be variations in size and color tones)