Sardj Cheese (Box)


“Our selection”

The box includes:
Organic Funtana Cana sweet pecorino cream (200 gr)
Pecorino gran Riserva Demarcus (500 gr)
Greviera vaccina from Ozieri Due Elle (500 gr)
Peretta cow Funtana Cana bio (1000 gr)
Pecorino semistagionato Demarcus (300gr)
Peretta pecoretta Demarcus (700 gr)

A special selection, dedicated to lovers of Sardinian cheeses in various declinations. Authentic flavors and intense aromas will take you on a culinary journey into the hinterland of this millenary island. Sublime quality in a mix of the best Sardinian realities.

N.B. Some products may not be available at the time of the order, you will be contacted promptly to know the delivery times.
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