Oscarì Gift Box


  • Grape variety: 100% peaty
    Color: straw yellow
  • Perfume: a distinctly floral nose with hints of hawthorn and orange blossom.
  • Taste: a mouth with a fine and lively perlage, ample, decisive and assertive, with a harmonious and coherent finish, compact and vertical.
  • Packaging: gift 0.75 lt.
  • Pairings: fish first and second courses, various aperitifs.


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There seems to be an ancient pact between Alghero and peat, which is why even in the Classic Method declination this vine offers another wonderful surprise. In addition to the pure magical understanding between grape variety and territory, the peat harvested in the early September period brings with it the precious acidic ribbing essential to face the long period of elevage on the lees. Thus the floral aromas accompany the first fermentation wine towards an evolution that is completed, in the months of aging on the lees, in a broader, dense and silky organoleptic framework. The Torbato is thus enhanced by the refermentation in the bottle. A Classic Method with a year of permanence on the yeasts, which therefore maintains freshness and immediacy well expressed, with a distinctly floral nose with sensations of hawthorn and orange blossom and a mouth with a fine and lively perlage, ample, decisive and assertive, from the finish harmonious and coherent, compact and vertical.

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