Opera Giraffe


“Giraffe”: A.Milia
Work created by the contemporary artist Andrea Milia. Engraving on an imposing block of African “Absolute Black” granite, unique piece, not replicable. This work marks the beginning of the artist’s inner research, which later resulted in the current works of stone weaving such as the “Dominos” or the paintings on stone slabs depicting intrinsic textures inspired by the Sardinian tradition. The elements represented outline the artistic freedom in interpreting a giraffe, skilfully combining its image with a tool of use and utility such as the bottle holder, thus becoming a precious element of modern decoration and furniture.

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  • Approximate dimensions: Total height 190 cm – Stele height 180 cm – Width 16.5 cm – Depth 5 cm (Foot in Carrara marble Dimensions 28x45x10)
  • Weight: about 50 Kg.
  • (Being objects made entirely by hand, the result of the craftsman’s creativity, there may be minimal variations in size and color tones)