In this context, the artist focuses on a splendid scene that evokes the courtship phase between two horses, famous inhabitants of these places, who have always lived in large groups in the wild. Made entirely by hand with wood carving and inlay technique on a white panel. Woods used: Black Ebony, Mahogany and small inlays of Erica burl. Cesare Cabiddu does not use paints or dyes, leaving the wood to “live”, with the natural scents and colors that make each piece wisely chosen and shaped under his hands unmistakable. Authentic signature of the artist, unique piece.

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The jar of Sardinia represents the unmistakable basaltic plateaus of Sulcis and Marmilla located in the central southern part of the island. Clearly visible from the flat areas, they appear as plateaus with the characteristic features of enormous natural fortresses, equipped with ramparts with steep walls and formerly inaccessible. Here there are numerous nuraghi and remains of various settlements, but today they are a territory of pastures.

  • Approximate dimensions 56 x 33
    (Being objects made entirely by hand, the result of the craftsman’s creativity, there may be minimal variations in size and color tones)