FIORE SARDO D.O.P. BIO – Low Maturation (4-8 Months)


“Millennial” raw milk cheese, lamb rennet and salt. Naturally smoked with local woods, aged in natural cellars and treated with olive oil. Produced according to ancient craftsmanship techniques, the Sardinian flower is the typical cheese of the shepherds. Its origin is very ancient, dating back to the Nuragic civilization. the traditional production technique is that which was already used at the dawn of civilization and has essentially remained unchanged.

Low Maturation: 4-8 months
Whole wheel: 3,9 Kg

Data sheet
MILK: Whole, from Sardinian sheep.
HEAT TREATMENT: raw, it is placed as soon as it is milked in copper boilers and coagulated at an average temperature of 32ºC, 35 ° C using lamb rennet normally produced by the shepherd himself.
APPEARANCE: Each wheel with its rounded “mule’s rump” side has a weight ranging from 3.5 to 4 kg and has a yellow or dark brown rind and the paste tends from white to straw yellow depending on the length of the period of seasoning.
BOUQUET: Aromatic reminiscent of the essences of natural pastures.
TASTE: The flavor and fragrance are of high intensity, characterized by the scents of hay, spices with toasted and animal notes.
WINE ACCORD: Still and robust red.