Knives Custom Luxury

The knives from the “Custom Luxury” collection are not simple knives, they are works of art.
Fascinating objects, of great value and value. Their beauty and exclusivity is aimed at collectors and lovers of luxury, style and design. The craftsman is able to design and create totally original and exclusive limited edition pieces for companies, individuals and collectors, but also for those who want to donate a unique piece of inestimable value. It is possible to request the customization of the shapes and decorative elements during the design phase as well as the engraving of logos and names made with very high precision. The finished product is correlated with certification of authenticity by the craftsman and luxury packaging.

Write to us at to request information about it.

Please Note: Contact the “Sardj” Team ( to customize your creation, our craftsmen also work on commission according to the needs of customers, even the most particular ones, we will be able to advise you and together we will create your unique piece, a small part of Sardinia designed and built for you.