Soy wax candles D.R.D.


The handcrafted Sardj candles “capture” intense fragrances inside the elegant glasses that evoke the past and the nature of Sardinia, a unique olfactory experience full of meanings. Choose the one that’s right for you, take home the scents and aromas of this wonderful island!

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N.B. Contact the “Sardj” Team to customize your creation, our artisans also work on commission according to the needs of customers, even the most particular ones, we will be able to advise you and together we will create your unique piece, a small part of Sardinia conceived and created for you.


Available fragrances:

  • Sea of Sardinia
  • Walking in the country
  • Sea Dew
  • Fortune Gold
  • Traveling South
  • Spring in Sardinia
  • Sweet night
  • Precious fabrics
  • Masks of Sardinia
  • Good morning to you

Other characteristics:

  • Glass dimensions: Height 10 cm, Diameter 7.5 cm
  • Duration approximately 45 hours.
  • Weight: 445 g.
    (Being objects made entirely by hand, the result of the creativity of the craftsman, there may be minimal variations in weight and color tones)

Fortune Gold, Good morning to you, Masks of Sardinia, Precious fabrics, Sea Dew, Sea of Sardinia, Spring in Sardinia, Sweet night, Traveling South, Walking in the country