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Massimo Manca

The Magic of Knives made by Massimo Manca was born in the tranquility of his workshop in the heart of Pattada (SS), a small village of three thousand inhabitants at 900 meters above sea level. “Pattada” is not just a country, but it is the name with which the best knives in the world have always been identified. The artisans have a centuries-old tradition behind them, handed down from father to son to the present day. Massimo Manca has succeeded with stubbornness and creative flair to go even further. In his laboratory he creates real works of art, he constantly collaborates with international brands and designers. The Montone and Ox horns are folded, shaped and worked together with the finest woods to obtain handles of rare beauty. The blades made with hammer and anvil vary in shape and type according to the creation made, a meticulous and patient work that requires true mastery to obtain the desired results. In the end, each element is composed giving life to authentic miniature works of art. The excellence of Manca knives is known all over the world, brands such as Ferrari and Ducati have chosen it to create unique sets, collectors and enthusiasts enrich their showcases with these wonders, including Prince Albert of Monaco and the American entrepreneur Tom Barrack. Manca knives have conquered many connoisseurs and are ready to arrive in the homes of Sardj customers!

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