Debora Frau Artisan Products


Debora Frau

Debora Frau is a skilled artisan who lives and works in Ozieri (SS), the main town in Logudoro. Also known through the brand “Le Puppie” Debora is a tireless worker with a very strong attention to detail. Passionate and curious, she has been able to conceive lines of products with a contemporary design, elegant and practical, which have a common denominator: absolute quality.

For Sardj he has created a unique line of products, from the selection of exceptional fabrics precious cushions, bags, beauty, pochette, glasses case, key rings and the very useful sewing set were born. Gift ideas able to satisfy a large clientele who want to take home a piece of Sardinia, where even the smallest accessories have the highest possible quality. We invite you to discover the products of this skilled artisan ..