Craftsman Products Antonello Utzeri



Antonello Utzeri lives and works in Villaputzu, a town located in the Sarrabus region, on the south eastern coast of Sardinia. After learning the art of weaving from the elderly of the town, he begins his professional career with enthusiasm and determination. When you enter the laboratory you are immediately greeted by the unmistakable scent of the branches of various woods personally collected, white willow and black willow, wild olive, myrtle, phillyrea and reed. Its production includes various baskets and containers deriving from the popular culture of the area and is strictly manual, each creation requires patience and mastery, requiring several hours of work to be completed. Among these we mention the baskets for collecting mushrooms, asparagus or saffron, baskets for the house and for bread. Over the years, thanks to his dutility and great skill, he has started numerous collaborations with architects and designers that lead him to create works of ancient charm in contemporary contexts such as high fashion shows, prestigious restaurants, commercial premises and luxurious villas. Thus were born chandeliers, ceiling lights, various creations of impressive dimensions, up to the bags in collaboration with the stylist Antonio Marras, who in 2015 won the prestigious Milan Design awards. This only enhances an ancient craft, rooted in this wonderful part of Sardinia, which thanks to this craftsman continues to exist and evolve.

We invite you to discover this important craftsman.