Azienda Agricola Funtana Cana


Azienda Agricola Funtana Cana

The Funtana Cana farm is located in Pattada (SS) in the heart of Logudoro, a land with an ancient tradition of shepherds who already hundreds of years ago prepared their cheeses with skilful passages handed down from father to son for entire generations.

The company produces raw milk cheeses only and exclusively from its own farm, paying scrupulous attention to all processing processes in order to obtain a high quality product that has always stood out for the organic supply chain.

The quality of Funtana Cana cheeses is strongly characterized by the typical mountain environment in which the pastures are located.

At Sardj, we offer the various products of the Funtana Cana company to both private customers and sector operators such as regional specialty shops and restaurants.

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